Welcome to the Island

It has been a century of wealth for the Noeth Empire. The colonization of the isles of Aeya has allowed the natives to open their shores to the friendly merchants and frontiersmen and they have both mutually benefited.
Though recently, the fragile alliances of the native tribes has decayed and threatens the colonials’ liveihood and safety; what’s worse, the zealous empire of Ammir has turned its damning gaze toward the archepelego under the looming threat of war.
As a highly capable citizen of the Noeth colony, Haiden, you have been called upon by the elite security force, the Haiden Anchorborne, to protect the empire’s interests and the people’s safety.
Lately, patrols have spotted local cultist activity in the area. They have been raiding outposts and attacking caravans. Support for the rebellion continues as the dissent for foreign empires amongst the natives grows. This upheaval seems to point to a more dire matter as the cult members exhibit demented adoration for an evil entity of the island’s lore, the Wakeless Watcher.

Fallen Isle

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