The Noeth have existed as a nomadic tribe on thousands of shores, following the warm currents that gather the biggest catch. Replenishing the sea life by collecting the eggs, they cast them across their shores and renew their bounty. This allowed them to stay in an area much longer, so they could explore the mainland and bring back trade worthy goods back to port. After an area was dried up of resources, they would move to another shore in search of resources. It was through this method that they first discovered the Aeyan people by landing on their shores.

They settled the Katoe archipelago, just north of the Mayra island, and found it to be a bountiful epicenter of trade, branching their influence from sea to sea with deftness and expertise. This new found wealth allowed the seafarers to build an empire on their new found land. Today it has grown to be the wealthiest nation, only rivaled by the Al’tam Kingdom. With few standing forces, Noeth has kept a good diplomatic face through profitable trade routes, avoiding any altercations. Ammir was long a Noethi ally, but the two had not seen eye to eye after the peaceful order of Ka’ta slowly consumed itself in its supernatural fervor, causing hostilities between the two over the island’s land upon which the Noeth encroach.


The Noethi people are born undo the sea, live on its bounty, and cast out into the water when they pass. Almost every aspect of the Noeth Federation is based around the ocean and its navigation, for it is their lineage as the ocean wanderers. They are hardy and adaptable, and made their lives as adventurers, seafarers, fish farmers, merchants, mercenaries and pirates. They are masters of the sea, their skill in crafting vessels is unmatched, as they have sailed and existed over the entire world. Because of their widespread influence across the earth and their reliance on trade, every nation has set up shop on the Katoe Islands, even the tribal people of Aeya. This makes the islands a rich collection of diversity, with its people hailing from every corner of the world, bringing their heritage and, more importantly, their goods for trade. The Noethi tend to be natural businessmen, with a glowing personality and gregarious nature, who give praise to adapt skill in craft or service.

Vel, the Noethi capital, is a sprawling city that exists mainly as strong wooden scaffolds that grip to the island’s rocky face. This allows for the many businesses of Vel to have commercial access to the sea, the entire city one massive port. Along the sprawling highways built from the wooden bastions, the merchants have set up their kiosks and shops, sometimes carving into the walls themselves for their showrooms. Atop the rocky isle is the fortresses and palaces of the rulers and nobles. In the center of the civic building cluster is the Federation Commune, where the Shoreseekers, the cabinet and law-makers, carries out their duties of enacting and enforcing laws. It is the city of power for the Noeth, and holds a powerful armada of war ships that have been unmatched for centuries. While the port is mainly a bustling trade hub, the Federation brings in substantial income from naval logistics, using their deft vessels to haul goods and people across the globe.


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